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Do you know that finding balance and health is interconnected?

Do you awake in the morning feeling tired and frustrated that you don’t have enough energy to get everything done in a day that you need?

Are you annoyed listening to your partner snore away while you struggle to turn off your brain and get some rest?

Are you stressed out and feeling overwhelmed but have been told that’s just part of “aging” by your current doctor?

Are you repeatedly forgetting where you put your keys or even words on occasion?

Do you find yourself contemplating medications just to try and feel a little bit better each day, even though you are worried about the side effects?

Do you desire with everything in you to have the energy to BE the woman you know you are supposed to be?

If your answers is yes I have a solution.

Balance: something we all want. What if your doctor cared about creating balance in your life, versus just making the symptom “go away?” What if your doctor took the time to understand your mind, body and soul and how it is all interconnected?

Here at Bay Balance Medicine, I focus on exactly that. Listening to you, learning from you, then teaching you so you can learn and love yourself and your life at its greatest potential.

Naturopathic medicine is a powerful tool combined with western medicine. I help empower women and find balance within their emotional, physical and mental health using safer alternatives. I guide the body back to health using individualized treatments. The mind, body and soul are all connected and have a role to play in you becoming your most vital self. I want to create vitality and allow you the wellness to become who you are supposed to be in the world, whether it is a busy executive, a woman on the town, an involved parent, or all of the above!   You can have enough energy to get through the day, have clarity and focus, a healthy sex drive, and quality sleep.

I help get the body back in balance by looking at your individual health. I use safer, more natural alternatives to get your body back to its healthy self. I believe my job is to help you create health and wellness so that you don’t have to focus on the things that drain you physically, mentally or emotionally. You can focus on the things that are important to you. When you stop worrying about your health, you can become the woman that you are supposed to be in the world. Just like the balance rocks, our strength comes through when we fix the three aspects of health, the mental, emotional and physical.

It’s time to find balance again!



Questions you may have…

If I already have a medical doctor, why do I want to see a naturopathic doctor?

  • Drugs and surgery can alleviate a health problem, but do not address why the problem arose in the first place
  • Natural medicine helps prevent disease by teaching you tools that reduce the need for drugs and supplements
  • A naturopathic doctor can act as a primary care provider, or complement other medical care.

What does a visit entail?

  • Thorough history of your experiences and concerns
  • Physical exam
  • Lab work and analysis
  • Patient and doctor working together to determine the best health care choices for your individual needs

What positive changes can I expect from working with a naturopathic doctor?

  • More energy and increased ability to accomplish challenging tasks
  • More adeptness at dealing with stress
  • Improved mood
  • Better quality of sleep, feeling rested upon waking
  • Prevention of chronic disease better protection against acute illness
  • Better understanding of how food and lifestyle choices affect your health
  • Empowerment through education to have an impact on your own health

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