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Casey Berkebile

I’m Dr. Casey Berkebile and little did I know that my journey in life was leading me to helping women to have their best lives through health and wellness by combining modern science with thousands of years of tradition. Finding balance is the key.

I had always known I wanted to attend medical school and help people heal. At a young age I learned that health was a gift that gave us our vitality and strength.   Even as a child I knew I was called to help people find that so they could live their lives to the fullest. Medical school was the logical choice.

I decided to take a year off to travel before medical school so that I could live life outside a classroom for a while. I did most of my trips solo, and was lucky enough to see manly corners of the globe, from South Africa to Southeast Asia. The more I traveled and saw, the more I learned about the health of other cultures and their traditional medicines. Western medical training would leave me with a skill set for drugs and surgery. I thought there truly must be more to healing than that. So I just couldn’t bring myself to give up so many years of my life to something I no longer believed in.

My travels through me off balance as I was confused: was Western Medicine still the right path? One year of traveling quickly turned into three years. I was in Costa Rica when someone presented the idea of Naturopathic Medicine to me. A friend lived in a rural mountain village where I was doing some medicinal plant work. We got into a discussion about life, love and careers. I listened, learned and loved…three things that are now cornerstone to my practice.

She told me about another way to practice medicine. It turned out she had a friend at Naturopathic medical school, so I went and met her and toured the school upon returning to the states. I decided the day of the tour that this was my calling. This was how I wanted to practice medicine and help people heal.

I went to medical school, one that created the balance and purpose I needed. The classes at Bastyr University were in anatomy, botanical medicine, nutrition, traditional western medicine, and counseling. The clinic was filled with jars of herbs, blood pressure cuffs, and phlebotomy labs: it was a mix of the traditional and modern medicine. I realized this was a chance for me to learn how to help others find health, in a way that fit with my philosophy of truly helping people be well: by finding balance of the physical, mental and emotional ailments using a diverse set of tools.

My toolbox now includes plants, nutrients, hormones, and yes, even on occasion, medications.   I also integrate my training in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture into my personalized care for patients. I prescribe treatments that have a low risk profile, and help restore patients to health with less side effects. I have learned that women desire to be listened to, that as I learn through them, they learn better ways to be their best self. This leads to loving yourself…what a powerful way to practice medicine!

Treatments are personalized to both preference and physiology. Like you, I am a busy working woman, friend and partner, so I too use treatments to keep myself in balance when needed. I have made my migraines disappear, found more energy, and sleep better now than I have. We all need a little help finding balance at times, even a doctor!

My biggest goal is to help women be their best, and help them become who they are supposed to be in the world. Think about all your potential if you were your healthiest self. I help women have less anxiety, maintain a healthy weight, have a higher libido, and having more energy to be the woman they want to be. I help women function at their best and find balance, health, and strength.


My passion and calling have become one. Finding balance in how I practice, and how you live is that passion.  I look forward to seeing you in my practice. Dr. Casey Berkebile



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