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Balance Rocks!

Stones pyramid on sand symbolizing zen, harmony, balance

I have spent some time recently thinking about the logo that I chose for my practice, three balancing rocks. They represent the three parts of a person: the bottom representing the spiritual, the middle the emotional, and the top the physical. From my years in practice, I have learned that all three have to be addressed to truly find health. Occasionally treatment starts just addressing one rock, but over time, you cannot neglect any of the rocks to maintain balance and health.
This is often the point of empowerment for my patients. For example, I help their energy levels increase, and they realize that their job is causing undue stress and little joy, so they move to something more fulfilling. Or, anxiety has been so bad for so long that they don’t know how to function. Often fixing anxiety takes both the physical and the emotional support. I also employ other practitioners on this journey, to better serve my patients. For instance, occasionally therapy is important to help with retraining the brain on how to function in a more positive and optimistic fashion. This growth in my patients, and watching them become who they are supposed to be in the world is my favorite parts of my work. By helping them heal and understand their own body and chemistry, my patients become empowered through health.This empowerment in turn helps them have the focus,awareness, and energy to grow and become who they are supposed to be in this world. They find their way to contribute, whether it is deciding to spend more time with the family, or creating a new job or workspace that provides more balance to the spiritual rock. My experience has taught me that all three are incredibly important for my patients,and I am blessed enough to help guide and empower my patients on their journey.

What will you do to find your balance?



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