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Getting Myself to Exercise

Running and sport conceptMy wedding is soon.  We bought our tickets for the trip and I realized we leave in what feels like tomorrow.  I have been working on getting in shape.  When stress happens, sleep happens less and exercise seems to happen less.  And then there was vacation and the stress that comes after being gone and getting caught back up. Even taking a week off from my exercise, let alone three weeks, took a huge toll.

So there I am in bed talking to myself after the alarm goes off.  Three weeks out of my routine.  It’s Friday, so it is the hard class.  It starts at 6am, and kicks your butt for an hour.  I havne’t been to the hard class in awhile.  I haven’t gotten enough sleep so that is my first excuse.  I also know I am going to be the slowest person in the class, so my ego really doesn’t want to go.  But the wedding is in two months, and I haven’t reached my goal yet.  Vacation was needed, but didn’t help the situation.

So I put my ego and lack of sleep aside and go.  I was right that I was the slowest person in the class.  But I went.  I worked hard.  My legs and arms felt like jello and my lungs were burning.  But I went.  I pushed myself even when I was slow and not finishing my reps as fast as the others.  And the beauty of the morning workout is that it is done.  I can’t work late and make an excuse.

So I hope next week when I try and go, my ego will be a little quieter.  I probably will still be the slowest next week and the week after, but we all have to start somewhere.


  1. Be the slowest … Who cares! You got off your ahem and went!! Hats off to you!! Your beautiful and I love your honesty dr. Berkebile!!!!


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