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What No One Told me about Running a Business Part One

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Running a business is nothing like a television show, I can tell you that. It has been a year of great joy, and some frustrations. There is a lot to be learned about owning and running a business, and none of it is taught in medical school. It has been a fly by the seat of your pants, trial and error, and faith that it will all work out sort of year. Here’s a few lessons so far:

1. I should have gotten a financial coach from the beginning. It’s the beginning of a tax year and I am just now realizing how important a coach on this subject is. I should have gotten someone to help me put systems in place to organize my money and tax documents, as well as goals. Instead, I now have a paper monster. It’s also important so that I can know accurately how well the business is doing, and what areas need improvements. My books are a lot easier with a coach helping guide me. I went to school to become a doctor, not a bookkeeper!


2. I don’t get to do what I love all the time. If I had my way, I would just see patients all the time. No one told me that I will be spending over half my time doing things I don’t enjoy in the beginning. I have gotten through this by reminding myself that I love what I do, and so I need to do the business stuff so that I can continue that. And, it has allowed me to truly understand what it takes to get everything done in a week.


3. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I get nothing done even though my to-do list is a mile long. There are days that I still feel this way. I try to compartmentalize my tasks, and focus on 3 things I want to get done in a day. I have recently begun to schedule my time also. Otherwise the day flies by, and I have not completed anything substantial.


4. It’s easy to let work get in the way of relationships. When you own a business, it is like having a partner. You have to visit it daily, and know its quirks. It’s also easy to let it consume you, and neglect friendships and relationships. The reality is that none of us can do it alone, so without our force of good behind us, none of us will succeed. I’ve had to learn to set boundaries with my work and play time. Sometimes that is easier than others, and I still have to work on this on a regular basis.


What in your life have you felt this way about? Health? Kids? And what did you do to get the guidance you needed?



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