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“…this is the relationship I want to have with my doctor….”

After this experience of working with Dr. B, I am completely ruined for western medicine. If you have an issue and make an appointment with your primary care physician, you wait in the waiting room for 15 minutes, then go to the exam room and wait for another 15 minutes, and then you see your doctor for about 10 minutes. You might get a prescription for what they think ails you and then you’re out the door. What did you learn about your body and your health? What did they learn about you? When they go home will they remember you or think any further about your issues? In my experience Dr. B wants to understand her patient’s problems just as much as they do. She wants to heal her patients and make them the best versions of themselves. There have been times I’ve come in to see Dr. B and she’s spent time thinking about me over the weekend and has something new she wants me to try. This is the relationship I want to have with my doctor. I’ve enjoyed my experience so much I’ve been trying to convince all of my friends and family to give up on regular doctors—unless absolutely necessary—and to go to a naturopath. Now I am pregnant with my second child and have been able to manage hormone-related issues through regular visits. I am excited to have this baby with the knowledge that I won’t ever go back to the place I was before because I have the help of someone who knows my issues and who really cares about my well-being. Dr. B’s the best!

"...this is the relationship I want to have with my doctor...."Alexis


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