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Listen. Learn. Love and Live. Four unique parts of treatment with me as your women’s wellness doctor.


  • Do you often feel that your doctor just “pat’s you on the head” and sends you away, never really listening?
  • Have you found yourself at a doctor’s office being told the only way to have less hormone side effects is to go on the birth control pill?
  • Do you find your doctor quick to prescribe, instead of truly learning about you and your life?

I use a holistic approach with individualized testing and treatments. I often joke with my patients that no two women with the same symptoms are on the same treatment protocols. Through listening and learning we together will understand YOU better. I focus on practicing integrative medicine, combining traditional medicine with Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese approaches to healing.

Some of the tools that I use include bioidentical hormones, natural herbs, targeted supplements and nutrition. I do use Chinese medicine, both acupuncture and Chinese herbs with my patients also. I do traditional blood and screening tests as well as some alternative testing to help you get to your optimal wellness. For instance, I often test some of your hormones through your saliva to get a more accurate measurement. My job is to take your health goals and turn them into a reality and let you be your vital self. There are alternatives to sleeping pills, birth control pills, and Prozac to help manage your health!

Our first appointment is truly about YOU, your, life, what is getting in the way, how you eat and sleep, what you desire in your life. From there we look at what needs to change for you to love and live your best life.

For example, for many women, there are more natural ways to support your thyroid, sleep through the night or have enough energy to get through your day. Outside of diet and exercise, there are other reasons you may not be loosing weight quickly. Many of us women try to do it all and end up feeling out of balance. My job is to help your body be more in equilibrium and functioning optimally so that you don’t have to worry about your health every day.

I recommend all clients think about a starter “3 session” package. This allows us both to do the best work for you, not just prescribe. With these 3 sesions we will know how to get you started living the life you love! From there, we can focus our work and specific things you as a woman may be experiencing:

Mommy to Be

Getting ready for ‘the change’

Acupuncture for your mood

Digestive Ease

Don’t be miserable during menopause

Wired and Tired


It’s time to change your relationship with your body…and your women’s wellness doctor!


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