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What To Expect

At your First Visit:
Initial naturopathic visit will last 60-90 minutes and will include:

  • An introduction to medicine philosophy and determination of our goals for our work together
  • Initial review of intake forms and any relevant prior lab work
  • Thorough medical and lifestyle history, including pharmaceuticals and supplements
  • Relevant physical exams and evaluation
  • Recommendations of lab testing to assist your treatment
  • Detailed explanation of our analysis and proposed approach to your case
  • Individualized comprehensive lifestyle recommendations and treatment plan

As part of this visit, a Bay Balance Medicine doctor will:

  • Learn about your health goals and begin understanding your individual needs
  • Help you learn about what is happening in your body’s systems, allowing you to take control of your health and well-being
  • Take into consideration the things that may be interfering with your health
  • Help you develop a sense of how your symptoms relate to each other, and identify underlying causes
  • Create a partnership with you in achieving the health you deserve

Follow-up Visits:
Return office visits usually last 30-45 minutes.  These visits are intended to check in on you and see how your health has changed since your last visit.  We will review your primary complaint(s), as well as your other systems such as sleep, energy, digestion, mood, etc.  We will perform any relevant follow-up physical examinations, review your lab work, and administer any pertinent follow-up testing.  In addition, we will discuss any changes to your treatment plan and evaluate any difficult you may be having implementing it. Lastly, we will modify your treatment plan based on your response to foster continued improvement in your health.  In general, newer patients will have follow-up visits once a month initially, depending on the complexity of the case.

At Bay Balance Medicine, we are happy to work with other doctors and practitioners, and will refer patients to other providers as needed to find the right combination of services and medical interventions to best help you reach your health goals.


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